SuzieQ's Pomeranians

Puppies Sales Contract & Health Guarantee









____This Pomeranian puppy is being Sold with “Full AKC Registration”

____This Pomeranian puppy is being Sold with "Limited Registration" papers after Proof of Spay/Neutered

Purchaser’s Name______________________________________



State _____________ Zip code____________


Home Phone__________________________

Cell #_________________________________

Purchase Price $___________                                 

Deposit Received: $300.00 on date:____________ (Non Refundable or Transferable)  I ask you to pay with a check or cash.


The final full Purchase Price for the above Pomeranian is due in cash on day of pick-up.

Final payment:$______________.      ALL SALES ARE FINAL

If Purchaser has not made their balance for “Any Reason” on the above date the puppy will be re-listed for Sale. The Purchaser Will Lose their Deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS. Notes: You have 8 weeks to make arrangements if you cannot pick-up your puppy on the pick-up date I will have to charge you $20.00 a day to keep your puppy.


!HEALTH GUARANTEE  Please Read and Re-Read


As the breeder of SuzieQ’s Pomeranians (Susan Brierton) I give 72 hours Health Guarantee from the moment you remove the puppy from my home, Please have your puppy checked out by your veterinarian(new owners expense). I guarantee your Pomeranian to be in good health and free of any life threatening illness, at the time of Sale.  Your puppy’s vaccinations will be UTD & de-wormed. You will be given your puppy’s shot record & a Florida Health Certificate from my veterinarian.   During the 72 hours it is your responsibility to be watchful of HYPOGLYCEMIA (See my Tip Sheet) which is Life Threatening.   This is out of my hands and in yours.


As much as I would like to give a Guarantee on my puppies I cannot,  except for the 72 hours.  The confidence in myself and my Veterinarian is solid enough to know that you are being given a healthy dog.  Things happen even to the most well bred dog.  This Pomeranian Puppy is being SOLD with no Guarantees beyond the initial 72 hours..

Other Non-Life Threatening possible hereditary defects that are common in Poms: Luxated Patella (hind knees), Thyroid, hernia, Alopecia (hair loss), non-descended testicles, heart problems, collapsed trachea, open fontanel, bad teeth, ear infections, skin problems, allergies and some others.  Do your homework too.  I would rather be open and upfront about these  possible conditions, as any one or none can happen  

If you still wish to pursue this puppy you chose, and fully understand this Contract please sign below and return to me ASAP with Deposit.

New Owner____________________________________

I will keep in-touch with you, the first few weeks of having your puppy to make sure all is going well. Or you may call me 727-846-7173 with any questions.  My Thanks for purchasing from SuzieQ's and understanding all conditions involved.



Susan Brierton,