SuzieQ’s Tip Sheet


 HYPOGLYCEMIA - Is a serious Health Condition, and very common in Pomeranian puppies.  It is usually caused by not getting enough food to eat

or too much activity, or having gone thru a lot of stress.  This is in your control.  If I see a puppy is lethargic, wants to sleep a lot, I give Nutri-Cal, a sugar base gel, about a thumbnail size, and water, by dropper if possible.  Let them rest and re-check very frequently. Stay with the pup, continuing to give Nutri-Cal in small amounts until they're back to normal. If no response - get them to the Veterinarian immediately.


SHOTS - I do not allow the Veterinarian to give my dogs the shot for Leptospirosis (protects against wild life urine).  My dogs are in my home or yard and they are kept off the ground if and when going any place else, including the Vets. The normal shot is for Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis conmbined (DHL) or Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvo, & Corona (DHLPPC).    I had a bad experience with a reaction with the Leptospirosis part of the shot.  The first shot was fine, second shot had soreness at the injection site, and the third shot was a full blown reaction to include vomiting, watery diarrhea and overall lethargy.  We were back and forth to the Veterinarian five times that day.  My suggestion to you is to speak with your Veterinarian.  Where will you be taking your dogs?  If you want to take your dog to dog parks, wilderness, beach, where wildlife is, you will have to chance your puppy getting Leptospirosis. 

     The Leptospirosis shot is not recommended for Pomeranians.  They are a dog you carry, put into the Sack, a carriage.

     Also make sure your Veterinarian knows about the Pomeranian.  Not all Veterinarians are equal and don't know how fragile a Pom is.


With puppies I free feed.  I feed Nutro Ultra dry Toy breed puppy & for Adults the same except the Adult version in Small Breed.


I also add Nutro moist to the dry food in the morning and free feed.


Each dog gets a Vetri-Science Probiotic each day, and NuJoint Plus, including the puppies, in their food, in powder form. Not just large breeds get joint problems.


As soon as you get your new puppy get them use to nail trimming, grooming, bathing & blow drying, with learning to stand till your done. Teeth cleaning is necessary. Check with your Vet for your dogs best way.


DO NOT USE A COLLAR. Only use a harness with lead. Pom throats can be damaged easily. Do train your puppy to Come, Sit, Stay, Down. These are words that could save your dogs life one day. The Pomeranian thinks he’s the biggest dog on earth and will try to defend. They are very quick to move, always have control. If you do not have a fenced yard, may I suggest purchasing a 24”high exercize pen or X-pen from your local PetSmart or go on line to several sights including Foster & Smith, Chewy who I use. They are very reasonably priced and easily gives your pup enough room to play or do their business.  My home is full of them; as my husband says:  "Our *House* is a Gated Community (inside)".  I use them a lot and keep them up to control them and prevent their running out the front door, and have them up past that, so that if they do get out they're (still) stopped!


Furniture or up on your lap: Never let your Pom jump off of anything. They can break a leg very easily, or injure their hind knee joints. Provide doggie stairs and teach them to only go up and down on them. Always keep hold of them when they're on your lap, as they are quick to move. If you allow them, they will become Mountain Goats.


The Pom shuffle- These dogs are literally at your feet. Before you move look down, and slide your feet. Remember they want to be right with you.


Potty Training-I started my dogs as puppies using the Pet-Loo Pee Pad. Check it out on Foster & Smith.  I Love it and they do too.  What also helps is fencing (X-pen) around where you want them to go, so you're not bending over until they're done. Bring your puppy to where you want them to go every time. I taught your puppy to use a hospital bed pad (easily washed).  Bring them to this spot after waking-up, eating, playing. I reward them if they did the right thing. If not no treat. These dogs learn quickly. NEVER HIT the dog, you can hurt them. Patience & being Constant is your Best Training. Please reward them with a tiny very tasteful treat. The bigger the treat the less good food they eat. Tiny tummies!  DO NOT FEED TABLE FOOD, or else you'll have a beggar at your table (and more diarrhea than you care to have).


Before you bring your new puppy home I suggest you think together as a family and settle where you want to set-up the feeding area, potty area, sleep area, to crate them or allow them to sleep with you. May I suggest crating at night, as it helps with potty training; when they get trained you can change their sleeping habits.  If you choose to crate, always keep a clip-on food and water bowl in their crate, for maybe up to three months old.  This is the time Hypoglycemia can happen.  If you allow them to sleep with you as a puppy, they can fall off the bed or you could roll over and crush them. Go and get dishes, crate (at least a 22” to 24"), chew bones (tiny in everything) & toys. As with bowls, remember these dogs only eat maybe ½ cup of food a day. Wait for harness & lead when you get your puppy. If you like the Sack to put your dog in, start early putting them in it.

For both harness & Sack training start with about 5 minutes each session and increase 5 minutes each time. Try for two times a day for two days and increase as such.


One last thing, not only with changing food, but also changing Water. Out of my area water type changes. You surely can change the food I’m feeding, but a good quality food reaps rewards. Change both food and water (using bottled water) mixed with yours, change, 1/3 each for a few days and increase to 1/2 for a few days then switch to both your food and water. A good change time takes about a week.


I ask that you PLEASE call me or e-mail me if you have any questions. I just sent my baby off with you. I want them to have a good start with their new 4ever family. I’m here to help in anyway I can, with owning your first Pom, I'm wanting you to enjoy fully the Pom in every way. 



Thank you so much for purchasing a puppy from SuzieQ’s Pomeranians. If for any reason you can no longer keep your puppy please contact me first.  Please do not take them to a shelter.

     I would only ask for you to get a Health Certificate from your Veterinarian that the dog is free from worms,fleas, heartworms and any Contagious Disease, and no broken bones.  I have to be sure your dog is healthy before accepting them back.  I also have a lot at risk.

     And, unfortunately, you will not be refunded back any monies for returning the puppy.  As now I need to re-sell this dog, and care for them until a new home is found.


Please go to Page 2 of this Tip Sheet for further information on Release of Puppies, AKC Registration, and Shipping.