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Welcome to SuzieQ’s Pomeranians


We are a small in-home hobby breeder of Pomeranian puppies.  I’m fascinated by the Exotics, so that is what we breed. We are a new breeder of the Pomeranians puppies, but not new to the dog world. In our younger years we were in the Show Ring with Dalmatians, Dobermans, Shelties. In Fairbanks Alaska, our Dalmatian won Best in Show. Then we got into agility and some Shutshund training and Obedience. We also bred Rough Collies for a few years, until we got back into the show ring with Shelties. We were fortunate to have traveled as my husband was in the Military for 26 years and we have shown in many states. We are now in our 60’s and retired. We are home everyday and have the time to devote to the Pomeranian puppies breeding. We started out with six hand selected Champion lineage dogs from six different breeders of Pomeranian puppies like ourselves, four females and two males.  We have just recently added another two, one male one female.  


Our pomeranian puppies have the run of the house, including their own doggie yard with a kiddy pool, digging sandbox, ramps to climb on, and room to run in a fenced yard. They have their own loveseat in our family room and steps to get on our bed for a snooze. They all are individually crated at night; it’s their space to be alone.


Why did we choose Pomeranian puppies? Well, getting older you can’t just 'pick-up' the dogs we used to have., plus my husband is now disabled.  We still wanted dogs as it's just the both of us, no children.  Pomeranian puppies had all the qualities we wanted, rolled up into this little just adorable ball of fur, with the smarts that we were used to. These Pomeranian puppies are the Love of our lives. They are our life.  They want to please you in everyway, want to be close to you, be next to you in whatever your doing. Evening time they're up on our laps watching TV or playing together. Bed time each one waits to be picked up and put into their own beds. Morning time is another joy. Each one has to be picked up and given huggies and kisses. The joy alone  - you can’t help but smile.  What a way to start the day!


The Pomeranian puppies we have now are AKC registered with lots of colors behind them. Blues, Lavender, Black, Chocolate & Tan, Blue & Tan, Chocolate and Blue Merle, Beaver, Black & Tan & Parti’s.


My dogs pedigree’s have: Finch, WeeHeart, Mason, Nabobs, Sun Ray, Heartland, Underwood, Beau James, White Haven, Jenuwane, Jan-Shares, Firebrook, Lenette's, Chrisden's, all well known showing kennels.  I’m breeding 5-7 lb females to 5-6 lb males. They have teddy bear faces, with some Fox faces and the normal Pom face, and dense coats. I cannot guarantee size, nor can I say show quality. However, I can guarantee healthy, well socialized and within standard Pomeranian puppies.  AKC stats are 4 to 7 lbs.


We are very excited to have this chance to fulfill a dream we've had for a very long time.  Being in the show ring in all aspects was a thrill and a challenge.  Breeding is our final gift of providing a line of good quality  Pomeranian puppies with correct temperaments, personality, Exotic colors, healthy & sound puppies.


That is something which we feel we can do, as all my dogs have a wonderful personality. Ready to play, greet strangers like ole friends, fantastic guard dogs, love to be cuddled, want to sit on your lap and watch TV, and want their kisses and hugs. Most importantly they want to be with you in everything you are doing. Like now each of my dogs are around my chair, in their huts, or just laying around, chewing their  bones, waiting for my next move.  They're so good they  know what I am going to do before I do!


Can’t get any better than that, and the Love they give is twofold.


Compared to all the breeds that we have owned prior, these Pomeranian puppies are different. Smart, quick, adaptable little guys. I promise you much joy with Love & devotion from having my Poms.


Thank you for visiting my web-page, I will also keep it updated in the 'Fun yard' and the 'Our Dogs', & of course 'Available'. I do not plan on breeding them every season. So I won’t have Pomeranian puppies year round. If you're interested please call, or check out what's 'Available' or when litters will be due or breeding.

Pomeranian Puppies - Central  Florida